Guidelines for Bidding to Host the 9th ILGA Asia Conference in 2021

Deadline for submitting a proposal to host the 9th ILGA Asia Conference: 3rd June 2019

The ILGA Asia Conference is a place where ILGA members from Asia, together with other civil societies, academics, donors and partners, share experiences, discuss and develop new strategies and agree on the political agenda for ILGA Asia.

The Asian Conference serves also as a platform to present our work to the media, politicians, institutions like the United Nations, funders and other partners. The success of the Conference is crucial for advancing the human rights of LGBTI people Asia, and to our relationships with allies and the institutions that we work within.

At each ILGA Asia Conference, members select the venue for the next Asian Conference taking place two years later. In Seoul, members will select the venue for the 9th Asian Conference in 2021.

At the Seoul Conference, prospective hosts will be given the opportunity to present their candidacy. Prospective host candidates are required to submit a Conference bid ahead of the Conference. The bid will inform ILGA members on what potential hosts have to offer.

1) Who can bid?

ILGA Asia Conferences can be hosted by just one member organization, or more than one member organisation together. Organisations are encouraged to partner with each other, as strong alliances can contribute to the success of a conference. Our experience also learns that working in alliance contributes to a more sustainable impact on the local community, movement and politics.

ILGA Asia does not respond to enquiries from tourism agencies or commercial entities. Tourism agencies and/or commercial agencies can be part of bids by member organisations, but communication can only occur through member organisations directly.

2) What should a conference bid include?

The time available at the Conference to hear from candidate cities and select a host venue is quite limited. It is therefore important that all information is available in advance. We acknowledge, nevertheless, that at this stage of the process, you may not be able to provide concrete details on every item. Bids are sent to all Member Organizations with the third mailing on 5th July 2019.

3) Political context

By organising the ILGA Asia Conference, ILGA Asia and its members hope to contribute to create change with the host country. It is important to provide a short overview of the political situation in your country and explain how the Conference could contribute to changing the situation for LGBTI people.

4) Conference Organising Team

ILGA members hope that the Conference will help strengthen the local LGBTI movement. Successful Conference bids are often put forward by a collaborative effort between a collective of multiple ILGA member organisations. If possible there is a hosting committee involving different LGBTI organisations (and potentially other allies) that can contribute to the Conference.

Typical tasks of the local hosts include the identification of service providers, developing the Conference social programme and supporting ILGA Asia with different kinds of practical tasks. There should be a good representation of diverse people in the host organising team. It is important that you have a solid core-team of people (e.g. five or six people) involved in the preparation of the Conference. Around the Conference itself, we will need the assistance of a further 20 to 25 volunteers to assist with practical tasks. Please give a description of how you envisage the organising team to function.

5) Fundraising

ILGA Asia Conferences are large undertakings and in past years have grown significantly in the number of participants. This increases the burden of fundraising and this is a task that is shared between local host organisations and ILGA Asia.

We rely in particular on local organisations to work with local authorities, funders, and companies to bring in resources for their responsibilities to Conference. The approximate amount of funding that needs to be raised by the local organization varies. In countries where no obvious local sources for funding are available, ILGA can work with member organisations to identify alternative resources. Bids to host the Conference need to provide a clear fundraising plan.

The local host organization is usually responsible for the organization and funding of the social programme and evening meals for all participants during the conference.

6) Conference site

Ideally the Conference and the accommodation for participants should be in one building (hotel or university facilities). The safety of participants in the host city is a primary consideration. Please provide 3-4 options as possible conference venue facilities. Basic requirements are:

  • Conference facilities - Plenary room for 250-350 people, 4-5 workshop rooms for up to 70 people (one of which can be the plenary room); a conference office; an information and documentation room. The location should have the ability to accommodate translation booths.

  • Accommodation - roughly up to 100 single rooms and 50 double rooms. There should also be an option to have a few rooms in a budget hotel situated within walking distance of the conference venue hotel.

  • All venues and the hotel accommodation should be readily accessible by wheelchair and provide step-free access.

  • Please give information on the site you are considering holding the conference in, and the extent to which it would meet these requirements.

7) Programme / speakers

It is important to have high profile speakers, both for the opening ceremony and for the plenaries and panel sessions. Representatives of the local government, political parties, the City Hall etc. could be considered. Please give information on the speakers who you think you may be able to invite. Please note that the Conference programme is developed and carried out by ILGA Asia and that decisions for invitations are made by ILGA.

8) Social Programme

The social programme is a very important element of the Conference and depends on the conference host's input, organization and financial support. Traditionally, events include the end of conference party on the last evening, a city tour (often paid for by the local tourist authority or local government), and a reception (with dinner).

One objective of the social events is to have an opportunity for the Conference participants to meet with the local LGBTI community. Social events may also provide an opportunity for

fundraising. Step-free/wheelchair access should also be remembered for all social events. Please give an indication of the types of social events which you plan to organise, and whether you expect local government and tourist authority support.

Should you need any clarification, please contact at the ILGA Asia office in Bangkok.

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