Welcome to the 8th ILGA Asia Regional Conference!

Dear Participants,

ILGA Asia and Rainbow Action would like to warmly welcome all of you to the ILGA Asia Conference in Seoul. Here are announcements we would like to share before the conference begins tomorrow.

  • Registration starts from today at 7-9 pm at the lobby, then again on Monday morning from 8:30 am(3F). Please collect your name tag as you won’t be allowed to get in the meeting room without the name tag from Tuesday. Please present your confirmation number when getting the name tag.

  • Reimbursement for scholars will start from Monday morning in the registration area. Please bring your passport, boarding passes, and all the receipts with you. You will receive cash in KRW.

  • There will be empty rooms for self-organized sessions after 5:30 pm every day. If you want to have this session, please send an email to info@ilgaasia.org with subject “Self-organized space”.

We hope you will have a wonderful and productive time at the conference. Thank you very much.

ILGA Asia & Rainbow Action

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