Proxy Form for Member Organizations of ILGA Asia

For member organizations of ILGA Asia, please ask your Director / Board / Legal representative to fill in and sign this form in order to vote, or proxy your vote at the ILGA Asia Conference.

From Wednesday the 21st of August 2019, 9AM ILGA World will hold the Membership Desk (to the right from the registration desk). According to ILGA Asia standing order:

- Members are reminded that only full members who are up to date with payments of the membership fees are entitled to vote at the conference. Every full member organisation will have two votes and may nominate a proxy (if unable to attend the conference). [Standing Order 6.3]

- “A full member organisation which is not represented at the Conference and which would otherwise be entitled to vote may nominate a person attending the Conference or one of the Steering Committees to exercise by proxy the votes to which the organisation is entitled, in accordance with SO6.” [Standing Order 5.1] (Note that the reference to Steering Committees exercising proxy votes does not apply to ILGA Asia Conferences because ILGA Asia does not have Steering Committees.)

In order to collect your voting cards:

1. Your membership fees have to be settled for the 2017, 2018 and 2019. You are able to pay those online (request an invoice from or in cash at the membership desk. We will accept KRW, EUR and USD.


ILGA Asia & ILGA World Membership Team

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