Results of the 1st round of Elections for ILGA Asia 2019

Results of the 1st round of Elections for ILGA Asia 2019

Based on the First round of elections, the following nominees have successfully been elected into the ILGA Asia Executive Board, based on a majority vote (at least 32 votes out of 62 possible votes):


East Asian Representatives:

Candy Darim YUN (female) – 50 votes
Korean Sexual-minority Culture & Rights Center
South Korea


Jennifer Lu – 49 votes
Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association


South Asian Representatives:

Mahnoor Ali– 32 votes

Khuwaja Sira Society


Niluka Perera – 41 votes
Diversity and Solidarity Trust (DAST)
Sri Lanka


Southeast Asian Representative:

Ngo Le Phuong Linh – 40 votes
ICS Center


West Asian Representatives:

Charbel Maydaa – 49 votes


Shadi Amin – 44 votes


Intersex Representative:

Gopi Shankar M (Intersex & Genderqueer) – 40 votes
Srishti Madurai


Youth Representative:

Tashi Tseten – 50 votes
Youth Voices Count


Host City:

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 45 votes



There will be a second round of voting for the following positions between the following candidates, as per existing Standing Orders, when a majority vote is not attained by the nominees:


Trans Representative

Wannapong (Nhuun) Yodmuang – 24 votes
Asia Pacific Transgender Network


Mani AQ (Transgender Man) – 15 votes
Have Only Positive Expectations – HOPE



Southeast Asian Representative:

Brenda R. Alegre (transwoman) – 30 votes
The Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP)
The Philippines


Ryan Joseph Figueiredo (Male) – 18 votes
Equal Asia Foundation


We will also be selecting co-chairs again for this 2nd round of elections, as the results for co-chairs from the first round are inconclusive. When voting for co-chair, you must pick two candidates from the following list:

Candy Darim YUN                                  Wannapong (Nhuun) Yodmuang

Brenda R. Alegre                                    Mani AQ

Ngo Le Phuong Linh                Gopi Shankar M

Mahnoor Ali                                             Tashi Tseten

Niluka Perera                             Charbel Maydaa

Ryan Joseph Figueiredo                      Shadi Amin


We will explain the voting process and the results further tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM in Hanra plenary Hall.

Thank you,

Chairing Pool

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