Youth Statment


During 8th ILGA Asia Regional Conference in Seoul, South Korea young people came together during the youth pre-conference to discuss issues regarding SOGIESC rights of young people in the region. These recommendations reflect the outcomes of the youth pre-conference and its participants.


We, therefore, agreed to put forward the following recommendations to the ILGA Asia Board and the regional body.


1. To provide young LGBTIQ people with an enabling and safe space to dialogue with stakeholders and benefactors to ensure support for youth-led LGBTIQ movements in the region.


2. To increase the visibility and support of young people to participate in national, regional, and international platforms by ensuring non-tokenistic engagement through scholarships, youth-specific spaces, and youth-led decision making.


3. To build young people's technical capacities, such as through mentorship and network support, such as proposal-writing and financial management.


4. To ensure the inclusion of youth in the whole process of any national, regional or international programming from designing the program to feedback and evaluation of the results.


5. To coordinate youth networks for a holistic and collaborative effort to address the issues of young people, especially in supporting the development of youth networks.


6. To include language around intergenerational justice and intergenerational work to address the needs of age-oppressed populations, such as homeless of youth and the sustainable livelihood of elderly individuals.


7. To ensure a safe space where sexual harassment and violence is never tolerated especially for those especially vulnerable, including youth.


8. To decrease the ILGA membership fees for youth organizations in Asia.



Justin Francis Bionat, Philippines

Tashi Tsheten, Bhutan

Abhi Muchtar, Indonesia

Mandy Chng, Singapore

Doan Thanh Tung, Viet Nam

Blaine Shinwook Mangjul, Korea

Tamani Rarama, Fiji

Saw Zin Maung Soe, Myanmar

Mai Nhu Thien An, Vietnam

Thai Ngoc Phung, Vietnam

Shan, China

Lîm Minae Khînlúi, Taiwani

Nicki Rangoon, Myanmar

Gopi Shankar Madurai, India
Tiffany Gwee, Singapore

Vanessa Chaniago, Indonesia

Phong Vuong Kha, Vietnam

Daryl Goh, Singapore

Harsha Hayathi, India

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