Conference Venue:
Seoul Dragon City


The main venue of the ILGA Asia Conference will be at Seoul Dragon City, a hotel-plex located in Yongsan District, taking its name from the same district in which it stands (Yongsan means Dragon Mountain in Korea). The area has become a magnet for foreign travellers who gravitate to its shopping centres and nightlife. In Korean mythology, dragons were powerful yet benevolent creatures associated with wealth, fortune and success, who controlled the cosmos and became a symbol of a king of the Joseon Dynasty, which left a substantial legacy to modern Korea.

Seoul Dragon City is close to major business districts such as Yeouido and Gangnam, as well as commercial districts including Itaewon and Myeongdong. Itaewon hosts one of the largest concentrations of LGBTI businesses in South Korea. The complex is adjacent to malls and shopping centres, movie theatres, tourist attractions and embassies. It is 57km from Incheon International Airport and 22km from Gimpo International Airport.

The conference will be held at 2 Ballrooms: Baekdu and Hanra.

Grand Ballroom Baekdu


Situated on the fifth floor of Convention Tower, Grand Ballroom Beakdu can host 1,972-person seminars and 840-person banquets. The ballroom can be divided into four separate spaces to accommodate 4 ongoing sessions at the same time. This Ballroom will be used on the 19th and 20th August, 2019 for the pre-conference.

■ Dimension : Surface 1,189㎡/ Hight 6.7m
■ Capacity : 1800 Seat

Grand Ballroom Hanra


Grand Ballroom Hanra located on the 3rd floor of Convention Tower is the venue for the main conference from 21-23 August 2019. It can be separated into three independent sections and accommodate 1,972-person seminars and 840-person banquets.

■ Dimension : Surface 1,189㎡/ Hight 6.7m
■ Capacity : 1972 Seat